But we may open new position for undergraduate students in the summer for this project (conditioning to funding). Stay tuned!!

Research position to work on an interdisciplinary project, joint with Dr. Scott Tebbutt: Systems biology to identify biomarkers of vaccine immune responses in newborns. More information about this project can be found here.

We are looking for highly motivated student, interested in working in this interdisciplinary project, with a solid background in Biostatistics and/or Bioinformatics. While additional knowledge in Biology is a plus, the project is mainly focused on the development of visualization, computational and statistical tools to analyze biological high-dimensional data.

More information on how to apply to the USRA award and eligibility criteria can be found here

If you are interested, send me a copy of your CV and a short research statement indicating how your research interests align with this project: gcohen@stat.ubc.ca